What is psychic art and symbolism

Psychic Art is a type of psychic reading using art as the medium to express what messages come through for the one having the reading. It is similar to automatic writing/channeling in that you receive messages through a higher power, angels, guide, etc. in addition to receiving pictures, images forms and colors. These are interpreted through symbolism. What we call a symbol is a term, a name or picture that may be familiar in daily life or can possess specific connotations apart from its obvious meaning. A word or image is symbolic when it implies more than the obvious meanings. As an example, the sun may mean the sun in the sky, which provides color and energy, or it can refer to a religious symbol as in Native American beliefs. Nearly every shape, color and line created by ancient Egyptian artists had a symbolic meaning. Cave painters were probably the first artists to use symbols. Some symbols have cross-cultural meanings. Pictures, symbols and objects all suggest certain meanings and feelings to people. Some we immediately identify with and others, as in your dreams, may have a different meaning from what you may assume. Sometimes we cannot fully define the meaning, but in psychic art, the psychic artist is asked to interpret the meaning. When I meditate about a person requesting a reading, I go to another place and hopefully tap into things that are universal but have specific messages/meanings for that person beyond my own ego. What I see in meditation, I then draw, paint or sketch and interpret in an objective way.